Another website created by FirmDesign has gone live! The cyber security consulting firm, Talos InfoSec, has launched their site and is ready for action. These information security and security solutions experts are focused on exposing risks and mitigating those risks to protect their clients and keep their information secure. 


Their name Talos is based in Greek mythology, referring to the giant man of bronze who was tasked with the responsibility of protecting the island of Crete. He would patrol the island and keep the ships of attackers away.

Taking inspiration from this giant figure of security, the infosec company needed a logo and web design that conveyed their message of professionalism and top notch security. Our graphic designers at FirmDesign developed a logo that incorporated a a grid connection to give a tech feeling to the “T”. Their website features a parallax design on the homepage, with animation, a rotation of informational slides, and of course, responsive design. 



Be sure to check out our latest logo design as well as our custom web design for this cyber security firm! Give us a call or send us an email, we’d love to talk with you about your design needs!